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Sabrina Karim

Title: Health Scientist
Department: IHPR
Institute for Families in Society
Phone: 803-777-9124
Ron Morgan

I am currently working as a Health Scientist on the Maternal and Child Health team at IFS. Prior to joining IFS, I obtained PhD and MPH degrees in Epidemiology from the Arnold School of Public Health at UofSC. I also completed a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. My research, drawing on epidemiological methods with a special emphasis on mental health and maternal, child, and infant health, focuses on the impact and evaluation of behavioral and public health interventions among disadvantaged populations. By combining my clinical training as a physician with training in public health, epidemiology, and behavioral sciences, I have gained experience in different fields that directly or indirectly affect population health with a special focus on health disparities.

As a mother who has experienced infant loss, I know what it means to not know the answer and it motivates me to continue doing my research and improve maternal and child health.