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Jonathan Camacho

Title: Research Associate/Data Specialist
Department: IHPR
Institute for Families in Society
Phone: 803-777-9318
Jonathan Camacho

I am Data Scientist with experience using programming tools such as Python, R, SQL, and SAS to manage, analyze complex datasets

Within IFS, I work as a Data Specialist Analyst evaluating and designing analytical pipelines and platforms. This often involves managing the source, structure, quality, storage, and accessibility of the data, so that it can be used by analysts. I am passionate about understating how uncertainty is minimized by quantifying, processing, storing, and communicating information (Information theory) in complex systems (the mind, computational, or social).

My training focused on using computational methods to collect, clean, transform, explore and use Statistics, Network Analysis, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to mine data, discover trends and patterns.

I graduated from The University of Chicago where I obtained the Outstanding Academic Achievement for a Senior Graduating in Sociology award and earned a place in the American Sociological Association’s Honors Program and graduated with honors from Asbury University.