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Ashik Kumar

Title: Health Care Data Analyst
Department: IHPR
Institute for Families in Society
Phone: 803-777-7242
Ashik Kumar

Ashik Kumar is a Computer Science graduate with a Master's degree in Computer Science and an MBA in Marketing and E-commerce. He has over 16 years of experience as an Enterprise Architect, specializing in software design and development. His expertise lies in areas such as Machine Learning, Smart data, Data Engineering, and he has hands-on experience in NLP and Generative AI technologies.

Ashik is proficient in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis, with a strong ability to process and identify patterns in large, diverse datasets. He is skilled in producing top-tier reports using Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Ashik has cross-platform expertise and has received accolades in the areas of Blockchain, ML, and AI from prestigious institutions like MIT, UC Berkeley, and IBM.

Currently, Ashik is pursuing a Ph.D. in AI with a focus on Generative AI, aiming to further advance his expertise in this domain.

He is also passionate about mentoring aspiring professionals and contributing to the AI community through knowledge sharing and collaborations. Ashik has written a book titled "Gateway to AI Scala-Python-Kotlin 3 in 1," which is designed for underprivileged students who attend evening classes with the help of an NGO, making it an accessible resource for learning AI.