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Seth Church

Title: Research Associate/GIS Applications Coordinator
Department: IHPR
Institute for Families in Society
Phone: 803-777-7051
Seth Church

I have a great curiosity about geography and the relationships between places, populations, and health. Exploring these subjects leads me to be an avid digital cartographer, and the result of my work is often an interactive web application.

Modern data visualization involves an understanding of statistics and programming, as well as color theory and the psychology of perception. To get a good foundation in these skills, I studied geographic fundamentals and conventions at UNC-Chapel Hill, and then went on to North Carolina State University to earn a Master’s degree in Geospatial Information Science (GIS).

Sometimes, you will find me testing out novel Python algorithms and JavaScript ideas, and other times I am reading blogs about the latest graphic design and typography trends. Fortunately, as a member of the Data Science and Visualization Team at The Institute for Families in Society, I have many opportunities to put my passion and knowledge into action. How rewarding it is to contribute to research that helps families thrive.

Prior to my current role, I spent several years working as a GIS Manager for local and state governments in the Carolinas.

Outside of work, I enjoy writing songs on my guitar, taking evening courses, and spending time with my wife and two daughters.