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About PRMM


The mission of the Division of Policy and Research on Medicaid and Medicare (PRMM) is to enhance the well being of individuals and families through research and policy analysis to improve systems of care. Particularly, it facilitates the examination of data and organizes collaborative efforts that identify and promote public policies to develop affordable, high-quality systems, which identify, support and strengthen families.

The activities of the Division build on the strengths of organizations, systems of care, and families through applied, multi-level research partnerships with government, industry, academic and public institutions.

The Divison's primary goal is to enhance the capacity of individuals, families, providers, researchers, and policy makers to build and implement systems of care to better address health care, educational, and social needs. All of our research is intended to guide policy and practice.

The Divison of Policy and Research on Medicaid and Medicare works to:

  • further policy and program development;
  • increase opportunities for knowledge application and training;
  • increase content knowledge through evidence based product development and dissemination;
  • promote networking and partnerships; and
  • enhance research capacity through the use of technology.