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SC Medicaid Chronic Disease Fact Sheets

How to Use the Fact Sheets
The Fact Sheets contain information which allows identification of strengths and potential areas for targeted programmatic improvement. They represent the most recent information on the prevalence of specific conditions within the SC Medicaid Program. The county level map is a tool to guide developing partnerships at the local or regional levels. Prevalence rates are a function of sample size (the larger the sample, the smaller the change that is detected), and may not reflect real differences in larger counties. Nonetheless, differences or trends are a starting point for discussion about the differences and their implication on access to health care.

Data Limits
Administrative claims data can measure occurring disease. Claims data sets can effectively record service use and allocations. A major limitation of this data is that it excludes non-users of health care services. This can result in underestimating the “true” prevalence of disease within the general Medicaid population. The prevalence rates are limited to users of Medicaid services in the SFY (State Fiscal Year) referenced on the fact sheet. The validity and reliability of claims data is a function of the accuracy of provider coding pointing to service use connected with repayment.  Limiting coding to those items that are repayable and not solely disease specific lessens the ability to reflect adequately prevalence rates. Regardless, the importance of claims-based administrative data is not erased. Currently, claims-based data are the best available choice for developing an understanding of the prevalence of chronic disease within the SC Medicaid Program.  

All of the factsheets are in pdf format and require the free Adobe Reader®. If you do not have Reader already installed on your computer, you can download it here.

  SFY 2010 Factsheets